Am I too old to learn to program?

“Am I too old to learn computer programming if I am 37…45…62…70??? ” This might be a very common question nowadays.

The short answer is NO! There is no age limit for learning programming!

(Education has no age limit)

On the other hand, some people in their 20’s are not ready to continue learning. As soon as they graduate from high school or college/university, they think they have achieved all their goals and they don’t want to learn new skills.

It is true that someone that started to learn coding in elementary/secondary school will have the edge over someone that starts programming in their 50’s, but with the ‘visual coding’ programs that are available today, the gap is narrowing.

A person that starts coding in their 50’s might never work for IBM, Apple, Microsoft…but they can make their life easier by “Automating the boring stuff“.

Even if you never work as a programmer/software developer, you will learn a very important skill called “Computational Thinking”. Computational thinking will help you in your everyday life, it will help you become a better problem solver and it will make you a happier and smarter person in general. In the future, with the rapid development of the technology computational thinking will be the most important skill to have.


One thought on “Am I too old to learn to program?

  1. I took some programming in High school in the mid 1980s using a Commodore 64 and before that the old punch cards. I hadn’t done any programming for years until last week when I was at a PD session and we learned to use Scratch. I know it’s pretty basic compared to what you are doing, but it is a start! You are never too old to learn programming – or to learn programming…again!


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